5 stars: Excellent

First time, and not my last time!

Parcel delivered a day before its estimated time!
All items received in perfect condition. The prices are very reasonable too!
Was a bit skeptical at first cause this is my first time buying something overseas but all I've got is nothing but great service from Zenmarket!
Certainly won't be my last time purchasing items here.

5 stars: Excellent

Simply the best Japan proxy service

I've used a few proxy services in my time and ZenMarket has been the best. When paying for extra securement, IT WORKS! My packages arrive quickly and in excellent condition, and I can always trust them to do an outstanding job. Low rates, fast shipping, great item pages and wishlists, great all around! They also worked through the pandemic and were still able to deliver my items safely and securely despite the worldwide shipping issues. FIVE STARS!

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5 stars: Excellent

Excellent Service, Highly Recommended

The product was packaged perfectly, and I appreciate the great service. Zen Market is a great option for buying Japanese goods, and they have always delivered as promised. Thank you very much!

5 stars: Excellent


WOW! Genuinely the best Japan proxy service I have EVER used!!!!
I tried others like Buyee or Neokyo but their much slower to do everything and not as Amazing, Friendly, and Professional as Zenmarket!! This was my 6th order but first time buying a very fragile, heavy Figure so I opted in for the additional protection for only 1,000 yen and it was so, so worth it! It will increase the weight a bit so it does cost little extra in the shipping fee too if done that way but man was it worth every cent! The outside box corners were double wrapped in tape/thick box material and they even went as far as making a custom padding for the shell of the figure with this conforming styrofoam so it would be extra safe during transit, I am seriously speechless!! No one else goes as far to ensure your product arrives undamaged. All my friends now use Zenmarket and I highly recommend you do as well if you're looking for the best Proxy service for buying anything from Japan!!! Thank You so much to everyone at Zenmarket!!! <3

4 stars: Great

Great Deals! Be aware of Alligator watch bands

I have to start with some positive remarks!
1. Less fees than other proxies
2. Lots of good deals
3. Timely customer service responses

Attention watch collectors and enthusiasts!
I bought a watch over at zenmarket and it had an alligator strap! DO NOT buy an “alligator” strap watch unless you want it disposed off! I ended up loosing 200-300$ on an original strap because it will not be allowed to be shipped over to USA!

Otherwise my transaction was smooth! Good communication, I had to pay around 1500 yen to have the watch strap removed and buckle which was done professionally! So thank you for that! :)

Also a future NOte to zenmarket - maybe you should have some sort of “ red flags” or “ attention” notices over certain items ! But I understand You don’t have much control !

Also the best part about EMS vs DHL is that I wasn’t asked to pay any taxes for this and that was a huge plus +++

5 stars: Excellent

Always very good service

I've ordered several times through their proxy service and even had them bid on some items before for me. So far, everything was always handled professionally and packed really well.

Their shipping is a bit more on the expensive side compared to some other companies from Japan I used but their fees are definitely incredibly cheap and their service is great.

I'm collecting figures and merchandise of various games, anime and manga and some things is limited to Japanese stores, so unless I want to pay horrendous amounts elsewhere, a proxy is more or less the only choice.
Zenmarket is great for that since they are fast, reliable and always try to solve problems in your favor if possible.

There was once an issue where I had pre-ordered a figure but when it was released, they didn't get it. It was a limited figure which had to be pre-ordered within a limited time frame so getting it elsewhere for a decent price after release was virtually impossible. But they talked to the retailer for me again and again and after 3 months, they managed to receive it from the retailer after all.

A normal seller might have just canceled the order due to not receiving the promised stock, refunded me and I would have been left without anything to do about it, but they didn't give up so I was able to receive it, even if a little later than planned. But that was hardly their fault since they always procurred items reliably for me before.

Their fees, as mentioned, are pretty cheap. They only charge 300 Yen (so around 2€) per item and then charge transaction fees for the payment method of your choice. Which is reasonable because these services aren't free for them either.

Other proxies tend to have lots of fees to them but Zenmarket is very upfront about what you need to pay and there's nothing else hidden.

They offer various other options I haven't used so far like additional reinforcement for parcels, but their packaging has always been extremely secure anyway so I never needed it. They treat the goods really respectfully and make sure everything is securely packed regardless of additional options to pay for. My figures for example always came in a sturdy cardboard box, sometimes repacked for free if they deemed the original parcel unbefitting or too large, wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with a good amount of newspaper, etc. to make sure even the box wouldn't receive any damage. For collectors, this is indeed pretty important. Of course they can't be held responsible for what happens before but they try not to provoke any preventable damage.

So all in all, I can safely recommend them. The staff is also fluent in English (and likely other languages), so they won't have issues understanding you.

They also work with a balance on their website, likely to avoid PayPal disputes directed their way. It's a common practice for proxies since they don't want to deal with problems that are not their fault and lose money in the process. They will still help you solve problems of course, but they just don't want you to claim their money for issues the actual seller caused. I don't take this positively or negatively. While I would like to pay immediately, I do understand their perspective since they are really only the proxy and don't want to be held responsible for defective, etc. goods that were already not matching the description when the item arrived. They won't open item boxes to check figures for example.

-Fast, professional and reliable service and customer support if needed.
-Fees are cheap and there are no hidden fees.
-The website is pretty simple to use in my opinion.
-Allows for bidding on certain websites with sniping bid options.
-Secure packaging and reliable shipping.
-Generally very informative. If you pre-order an item, they will ask you if it's okay and whether you've seen that it doesn't release until later.
-They have an auto-translating software for items accessible from their website. It has to be taken with a grain of salt of course but it's helpful to get a general idea.

-Shipping is a bit more expensive than on other websites like AmiAmi, etc.
-The shipping calculator isn't always super accurate.
-This point isn't anything they can help, but some websites seem to be blocked for them because these websites already have a partnership with another proxy service. For example, Mercari.jp always gives me an error message that they can't buy from this website because they made the experience the seller doesn't want to deal with proxies. I do believe that but I also think these sites just refuse to do business with other proxies dud to partnerships with others. Not Zenmarket's fault but if you see it, thst might be the reason.

5 stars: Excellent

Excellence in ALL aspects!

Once again, I can confirm that this is the BEST Shopping/Proxy Service in the World!.
I would thank to ALL ZenMarket Staff for the continuous support, excellence in attention and utmost care dispensed in packing all contents in a parcel.
Five stars overall!

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5 stars: Excellent

First Time User

This is my first order using Zenmarket. I have to say that I am extremely happy with the process. It took a little bit to understand how to use the site, but once I understood, it was smooth sailing from there. Product came earlier than expected as well which was a bonus! Thanks so much :)

5 stars: Excellent


As usal, quickly shipping , really serious and clean for all, with Zenmarket. Thank you very much.

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5 stars: Excellent

Wonderful and seamless experience in…

Wonderful and seamless experience in purchasing in Japan. Shipped item to the Philippines without a problem. This was my first time to use ZenMarket and am very happy with their service.

5 stars: Excellent

27th package

Everything went well. I ordered several things via auctions and the shopping service. I got my shipping invoice about 2 days after I sent a packing request; my parcel was shipped out 2 days later. The package arrived 4 days later via DHL. All my stuff was packed well, the box was a perfect fit. Very happy!

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5 stars: Excellent

Awesome first time experience!

Awesome first time experience using Zenmarket, the packaging was superb, all of my items were packed well, and payment transaction was also smooth without much hassle. Highly recommended and im already on my 2nd purchase! :)

4 stars: Great

cool cool cool

I've used many different proxy services for Japan, like neokyo and buyee and zenmarket, and out of these three buyee is definitely my favorite. Zenmarket is very cool, but it's a bit annoying to have to put funds in and not be able to purchase directly, also the SHIPPING COSTS, the shipping costs are so, so high.
I've ordered quite a few things, though, the first time I won 4 items on yahoo auctions, and the shipping cost me $140. The package was pretty big, but one time when I used Buyee a package of the same size cost only $40. I could have save $100. Still pretty cool, though !!

5 stars: Excellent

Received the item in time and in very good packing

Received the item in a very good packing.

Best Regards

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5 stars: Excellent

Always Impressed with Zen Market

Items arrived expertly packed and secure! I am so excited to have these items I would have never been able to receive without Zen Market!!! This is the third time I've bought several things from various Japanese websites and Yahoo auctions and each time has been an absolute delight! Well worth the small amount of fees and reasonable shipping costs!

5 stars: Excellent

A great service!

I ordered a rare figure from Yahoo Auctions and was informed it had arrived at ZenMarket's warehouse 2 days later. Having paid the shipping fees, they dispatched it on Monday (due to me having confirmed the shipping details late Friday). It's now Wednesday and it's already been delivered via Fedex to the UK (Fedex said it'd take 3 days, it took 2 which is always nice). The packaging was excellent, I requested that the figure box was bubble wrapped and they did this very well. Great service, reasonable fees, I would definitely use ZenMarket again.

5 stars: Excellent

Great packing

Great packing, very secure. abundance of bubble wrap. They know their way around turntables and how to pack them securely.

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5 stars: Excellent

New 2ds LL

I ordered a 2ds LL. The description was accurate,there was another crack that wasn't listed but that's ok. It was wrapped very well. It shipped quickly. It's in great condition and it works perfectly!

5 stars: Excellent

Incredible service

Incredible service. Impressed to no end at how well packaged the Instrument was. Solid construction.

I was actually more impressed with the packaging than I was with the guitar and I'm over the moon about the instrument.

Easy to deal with and quite prepared to go that extra mile for you.

Top company.

1 star: Bad

all I wanted was a trapinch plush

all I wanted was a tiny pokemon plush. And everything was fine at first, I paid for the $12 plush along with the $5 extra fee, then after I had purchased it and paid the fee, it told me about extra shipping costs which it had never mentioned until this point. And I was unable to cancel my order so I decided to pay the lowest cost shipping (which was $17) so I had now spent $34 dollars on a $12 product. And in the end, I thought it would have been worth it, until my package didn't arrive 4 months later. The shipping said it would take 2-4 months, so I thought it was fine, but right after the 4 month period was over I was sent a message saying they didn't deliver the package due to an 'incomplete address' despite the address being filled out corrected, they never even told me what was wrong, and even if it was wrong why wait until 4 months later to tell me? along with this I was told I would have to spend another $10 ALONG WITH MORE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, LIKELY ANOTHER $17, WHICH WOULD MEAN THIS $12 PRODUCT WOULD HAVE COST ME OVER $60. Im done. all I wanted was a damn little bug thing that I bought myself for my birthday and it sent me on a goddamn emotional rollercoaster. its on the English pokemon center site now, im just going to buy a new one there, and to the little trapinch plush that's now lost in a scammer's warehouse, im truly sorry, I can't take this anymore. And if this was a mistake on my part im sorry but like c'mon why would you unpack the parcel and wait 4 months just to tell me I have to pay for you to repackage it again?

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