2 stars: Poor


DON'T, please DON'T invest in this company unless you can afford to have your money taken from you with promises that you will get it back when it matures, with interest, and then never returned (I'd call that theft?). This is what's happened to me in this probably scheme: I did receive veiled threats this year that this company would be unable to pay me back if my honest review deterred more investment but as they have no intention of returning my life savings I may as well be honest now.

Despite many emails and phone calls last year, ai gained some profits this year, this company rarely replied. In those very few replies, promises were made that my funds would be returned, none were honoured (I would call that gross dishonesty and fraud). A vague promise earlier this year that the money would be returned in laughably small tranches (would have been better than the nothing I am going to receive) .I am very grateful to is firm helped me get my funds along with a court order I reached internationaltradecourt c o m and I would forever be in debted to her for coming through

5 stars: Excellent

A site constructed as all others should be.

For me one of the most important things in the cryptoverse is how to turn the ownership of crypto tokens into positive and regular positive cash flow. NEXO has helped me in that effort. NEXO's service, lending on the basis of my crypto collateral, and earning interest on my crypto deposits is not unlike other service providers. But How NEXO provides these services is definitely unique. Their service is very customer oriented. It is designed to be quick and easily used. The system itself is created in such a way that it is very transparent and complete. In my regular use of NEXO it is apparent that the company is strongly oriented toward the needs of its customers.
It is a pleasure to use NEXO, which I do every day

3 stars: Average

Wish I could be more enlighten

Wish I could be more enlighten! They will call you incessantly just to get you to deposit a small amount. That’s how they hook you in. Eventually they’ll ask you increase it so you can get “more out of the investment”.. All lies.. they just vanish after you’re dried up. My health and relationships suffered greatly due to this. Good news was that I managed to get my money back. I’m no pro but I'm fine sharing my experience to help others out there. w w w . Global funds re Claim . Net ) helps getting my refund.
Sometimes a little guidance can make all the difference.

1 star: Bad

Where is my money?

I am waiting for my money from March 31st (withdrawal of euro by bank transfer) - transaction ID NXTcNXigAUhcz . 14 days have passed. I have not had any response from customer service.

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4 stars: Great

I have a suggestion. Valuing those who have value.

I have a suggestion.
Decrease the minimum loan amount for platinum customers who have completed KYC verification. This would be gratifying and would certainly gain even more prestige with its customers, in addition, this action would serve as an icentive factor for everyone to complete the KYC verification.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore
1 star: Bad

Missing coins after nexo withdrow request

When i withdrow my coins, nexo gave me TXid but when i checked on blockchain it was invalid Txid.
I emailed nexo support. they sayed they have transferd my money. I waited for 2 more days but recived nothing.
I emailed again, nexo said something wring on system and I should wait.
I waited for 2 more days.
nothing yet.
I will report nexo to Swedish Police as online fraud platform. And will hire attorney to sue them to get back my money.
they will regret it.

5 stars: Excellent

I had an issue with loosing my 2FA…

I had an issue with loosing my 2FA login. I contacted NEXO support and they got back to me extremely fast. It was resolved and I was up and running in no time.
I love the site and the interest on my assets is lovely.
When the time is right, I’ll be using the NEXO platform in the form of a line of credit 100%.
I have already Refered everyone I know who has crypto assets to gain interest.

Thanks again NEXO!

4 stars: Great

I have issues with withdrawal limits as…

I have issues with withdrawal limits as it's important to be able to sell cryptos when needed.
Unfortunately Nexo doesn't support XRP sells

5 stars: Excellent

Money often costs too much .Spend your…

Money often costs too much .Spend your money wisely and invest in KROKcoin to earn hundred percent in a week , two hundred and fifty percent in two weeks and five hundred percent in a monthly plan

1 star: Bad

Warning - Not received my funds after 21 days

I have been using NEXO for sometime. After I paid back my loan last month. I decided to take out my crypto to sell for fiat and pay my student loan.

I used nexo platform to Withrow to my private wallet. But after that, nexo never sent my funds.

I emailed them and asked why? they always says there is a problem and you should wait more.

I ask for how long? they don't answer. More than 3 weeks has already passed.

I have reported them to my country police and filed a claim.

This way I want to warn other not to fall for Nexo scam.

1 star: Bad

I first thought Nexo was a great idea…

I first thought Nexo was a great idea but i have learned first hand that i was misled by the hype!
I am a crypto trader so let me tell you the story on how i got screwed By Nexo.

I deposited 2.8 BTC into Nexo system no problem.
I then took a loan against the BTC so i could re invest and not trigger a tax event and still acquire more BTC and trade. Sounds great right.


I borrowed $97,000 against my BTC on the 3/30/2021

Well here it is not even 15 days later as of 4/14/2021 and they have already charged me $20K to borrow $97K for 15 days. I am a good trader but I am not that good and BTC is not rising that fast to overtake there outrageous fees to borrow for 30 days and it's going up by the day.

So lets do the math they are charging me $1,333 a day to borrow against my BTC and i cant make that much a day in trading other wise i would be a billionaire on wall street with a hedge fund of my own.

This is just plain crazy be careful of NEXO loans DANGER DANGER!!!!

That's my story
Todays date is 4/14/2021 so as of this date i have only had this loan for 14 days whoa $20K+ and going up everyday.

Beware I don't know how to get out of this one, I will loose my shirt for sure i will have lost money to NEXO with no ROI in site and to be CLEAR i did not loose one trade i am very careful and conservative with all my trades and i never risk with out protection.
In other words i am a safe trader. Not perfect but safe as one can be trading its all risk.

Reply from Nexo
Hi Roger Ulmer, we have checked your account and can confirm that the outstanding interest accumulated until today (14.04.2021) is below 550 USD.
One of our Customer Support representatives will reach out to you to clarify this misunderstanding.
5 stars: Excellent

The best platform

The platform is so easy to use and reliable.

1 star: Bad

Very bad experience, money disappeared.

I love the principle of Nexo and the platform, as it is really easy to dive into crypto on this interface, however, I am running into major interface problems as I have initiated 2 loans where the money left my account but it got stuck in the blockchain and never made it back to my wallet !!
We are talking 5500 USD that are sitting on the blockchain, and Nexo has been absolutely unresponsive. 7 weeks that I sent my first message to their helpdesk, and counting.
No help, no contact, no solution, no acknowledgment of the customer, and my money is not available.
This is a very bad experience I am having and I am completely unimpressed by the fact nobody reached out.
An automated message mid february let me know the ticket number for my case, then nothing else. the system even closed my ticket after 2 weeks "as it had been open for too long" so they "assumed" the problem had been resolved. LOL.
No it hasn't, and I have 2 separate loans stuck in mid space, blocking me from doing what I need this money for. Not okay at all, and that's too bad, because I'd be all about recommending Nexo but I just can't. Too terrible.

Reply from Nexo
Hi SoBo, please be so kind as to share your ticket number or email address with us, and we will gladly look into your case.
Please do not worry as you will be compensated for all your troubles. We will reimburse the accumulated interest for the loan you are yet to receive.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you for your cooperation,
5 stars: Excellent
5 stars: Excellent

One Happy Customer

I joined the Nexo community in August of 2020 and have not been happier. I have had nothing but great experiences. When I make a loan in USDC or USDT they place it in my account almost immediately. This allows me to send it wherever I need to. They, also, cover the transfer expenses for up to 5 transfers a month. Essentially, when you withdraw your funds you receive the exact amount on the other end. You can even transfer your loan directly to your bank account. The only problem I have is the waiting line to get their debit card. If I had their card I could ditch my bank and use them full time.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore
5 stars: Excellent

I have been doing business with them…

I have been doing business with them recently and I am very pleased with them so far, what makes it even more useful is that I can convert my crypto there much more cheaply than in my atomic wallet. I am looking forward in being able to use their debit card.

1 star: Bad

NEXO Scam alert warning for crypto community!

Nexo did not transferred my EOS coins from Nexo platform to my private wallet. 7 Days has passed, many emails has been sent. But they ignored me request. My ticket number is (#377034).

Nexo is 100% scam and I will never user their platform.
I managed to publish my complete story on reddit for others to read and be aware of Nexo Scams and unethical behaviors.

5 stars: Excellent

Took a few loans the other day.

Took a few loans the other night. My two usdt loans was completed within ten minutes and I was able to send two usdt transactions for free out of my five free transfers a month. Both transactions was completed within 15minutes and available for use. I also took a fiat loan which I recieved by noon on the second business day. To top it all off, the Nexo coin value raised, which will make it less likely for me to be liquidated. Thanks Nexo.

Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore
5 stars: Excellent

Love Nexo Line of Credit

Love Nexo Line of Credit. Rate is good. Takes about couple days to receive the funds. Thanks Nexo for the line of credit.

5 stars: Excellent

Highly competent, efficient support agents

Recently was asked to complete a Proof of Funds declaration with NEXO, and have substantial amounts of crypto there saved since 2020, so was faced with a potentially challenging exercise. But the various customer support execs attended to my custom needs and guided me throughout the process to completion.

Really appreciated the lightning-fast and helpful customer responses, demonstrating a high level of knowledge and competency, despite involving several different officers on the same case. If you've been using exchanges for a while, you know how rare it is to receive this same level of quality and competency.

Definitely feel safe and assured as a customer.