5 stars: Excellent

I really enjoy how I'm greeted and…

I really enjoy how I'm greeted and treated whenever I'm in any of your branch stores. When I asked about various financing needs, I was given numerous options with the benefits and pitfalls of each fully and clearly explained.

5 stars: Excellent

Great customer service

I was assisted in choosing what I expected to do about a credit and was so useful and proficient. It was a decent encounter. although i want new friends lets hangout via google hangout there's still covid 19 cheers
[email protected] dot com

5 stars: Excellent

Others May Try, , , EECU Makes it Happen

I will be very honest. Patients is a virtue that pretty much escapes me.

I approached EECU after my Incumbent Banking Institution drug us behind a slow moving horse and carriage down a dirt road for about 50 days. My wife and I have been members of EECU for a little over 5 years or so and really didn’t understand how capable these people were in the mortgage world. So capable if fact that I have (4) words in respect to those who take their work to a level incomprehensible to their want-a-be rivals.


I am really trying to not to say anyone’s name so I don’t compromise their privacy. Maybe just utilizing their initials would allow my wife and me to best show our appreciation for the hard work completed in or project. Initials, , , , that’s it.

Dustie Gaskins
David Cruz

What an awesome duo. We never closed a conversation (Email and or Phone) without having the days questions completely answered. Even when I would not remember details and it took a graceful reminder that we had been down that road already had to be iterated, you guys never failed.

We do understand these guys were not working alone and to everyone at EECU who provided support or accomplish tasks independent of “D.G.” and “D.C.” we will sing how EECU is the place to be.

TK and I will forever remember how diligently you handled the affairs of our house refinance. As we near retirement we can only hope more people find you like we did.



5 stars: Excellent

No problems

No problems. Love the update on withdrawals and deposits.
Vita Rodriquez at your Mansfield branch is super. Helps me all the time

Steve Baker

5 stars: Excellent

Clair helped me decide what I needed to…

Clair helped me decide what I needed to do about a loan and was so helpful and knowledgeable. It was a good experience.

5 stars: Excellent
5 stars: Excellent

Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service.
I can say thank you Maria Martínez for all the help you giving to the people and always ahead looking for the best solutions.
EECU Southgate Arlington

5 stars: Excellent

Customer Service

Every time I come into the bank I've always had good experiences everybody is so nice & has a smile on their face and their customer service is excellent thank you so much the EECU.

5 stars: Excellent

I couldn’t be happier as an account…

I couldn’t be happier as an account holder at EECU. Stephanie Curry has helped me through many different changes in my life and financial outlook. Mark me down as a big fan!

5 stars: Excellent

I have always received excellent…

I have always received excellent customer service at EECU! I am grateful for people like Tina at the W7th location for always being super helpful and explaining everything to me before I sign any forms. Definitely recommend doing business at this location!

1 star: Bad

Rep failed to provide service and acknowledge error

Rep Kristine at EECU Hulen location in Fort worth did not send my application over for new Mastercard. When after 10 days I didnt receive the card I called and she said she would research it. She never called me back so I reached out. Then she said they (processing) never got what she sent (because she didnt send it) and she had to resend it, but never told me about her mistake. At that time, she could have requested expedited service for the card to be delivered but she didnt. I called the branch manager and asked for expedited service and she could not accommodate. I told her what poor customer service this was by both her rep and herself.

5 stars: Excellent

Great cu

Great cu. runs as it should

5 stars: Excellent

Appreciate working with Regina Meiers

Appreciate working with Regina Meiers, she is awesome


5 stars: Excellent

Just wanted to Thank EECU for stopping…

Just wanted to Thank EECU for stopping somebody try to charge stuff on my account I'm pleased

5 stars: Excellent

Great bank with low interest rates

Great bank with low interest rates, will be doing business with them for a lifetime.

5 stars: Excellent


Awesome place to do business with.

5 stars: Excellent

Friendly and fast customer service

Friendly and fast customer service! I have been banking with them for years for a reason best rates and service!

5 stars: Excellent
5 stars: Excellent

EECU Employees

Dealing with any one area of EECU, the employees are all so friendly and helpful.

5 stars: Excellent

Thank you for all your business.

Thank you for all your business very friendly employees and also always helping me how to get better financial in my loans.