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Our commitment to breaking bias

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Let’s start with a simple question: Are hurricanes with male names or female names more deadly?

Perhaps you read the question and think, probably it’s 50/50. Or that it’s impossible to know.

The answer, according to research from the University of Illinois and Arizona State University, is that female hurricanes are consistently more fatal. Why?


Female names can be viewed through a lense of gender bias as less powerful, or less strong, than their male counterparts – meaning people take less precautions. This isn’t a conscious thought process, instead, it’s an example of how our decisions can be unknowingly influenced by unconscious bias.

Bias is everywhere in our lives. It’s an integral part of how our brains have evolved to make decisions quickly – like handy shortcuts, that save our brains time and energy. Sometimes, these shortcuts can be helpful to us. Other times, like in the example above, they can cause problems.

At Trustpilot, building a truly ‘Open to All’ company culture means understanding and managing the different types of biases that impact our decisions at work.

Beginning this month, we’ve launched a series of workshops designed to raise awareness of our in-built biases – and, importantly, provide practical tools for minimising the impact that these biases can have.

We’re partnering with the NeuroLeadership Institute – a specialist and science-driven leadership consultancy – to deliver these virtual sessions, starting with our most senior global leaders at Trustpilot.

The aim is to build everyday habits of inclusive behaviour and to improve ‘bias-free’ business decision-making across all levels of Trustpilot, to support a culture that is truly ‘Open to All’.

This is just the beginning. Trustpilot is committed to our efforts to break biases so early next year there will be more development for people leaders – and all global Trusties – so that we remain a company that is truly Open to All.


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