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What ‘Transparent Inviting’ means for consumers

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
What ‘Transparent Inviting’ means for consumers

In Trustpilot’s ongoing mission to be a universal symbol of trust, we are always looking for new ways to be the world’s most transparent review platform for consumers and businesses. Our new ‘Transparent Inviting’ feature is the latest step in that journey, and allows anyone to see how every company with a Trustpilot profile invites and receives reviews.

Transparent Inviting gives greater insight into how more than 370,000 company domains receive, invite, and respond to reviews on Trustpilot, helping everyone to make better decisions about which companies they choose to trust and buy from.

You may be asking yourself “How does understanding how a company invites people to leave reviews matter to me?” This is an important feature that brings even more openness and transparency to the Trustpilot platform and the review space as a whole. Below we’ve outlined why this new feature is critical and how it benefits consumers.

Trustpilot wants to make the review space better for everyone

Regularly, we see headlines exposing bad actors in the review space. Whether it’s companies that buy fake reviews, or platforms that censor consumer reviews on behalf of paying businesses, we know that we have to challenge our industry to be better and continue to build peoples’ trust in reviews as a whole.

Transparent Inviting is a step in this direction. As the first platform to offer such a feature, Trustpilot now has a suite of tools to help consumers decide which businesses they want to engage with, including:

  • Whether the reviews were invited by the company or not (‘organic’ reviews), the split between the two, and how this affects the TrustScore
  • Star distribution by reviews source
  • A timeline of reviews received over the past 12 months
  • Whether a company responds to all, some, or no consumer reviews.
  • How recently a company was reviewed and when the company first set-up or ‘claimed’ their Trustpilot account
  • Whether a company is using Trustpilot’s free or paid services
  • If the company uses review incentives
What ‘Transparent Inviting’ means for consumers

These features give consumers a holistic view of any business with reviews on Trustpilot and helps them to make more informed purchase decisions.

You can read more from our support team to understand how Transparent Inviting works and where to see this information on a company’s Trustpilot profile page.

Trustpilot is responding to cynicism around technology platforms at large

We know trust is at an all time low, especially when it comes to the internet and technology. The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal confirmed a growing fear among many consumers that big tech spreads misinformation and uses data to manipulate and exploit your online behaviors.

In conducting detailed research on trust in the internet, Trustpilot found that consumer fear of manipulation extends to reviews. Fake reviews were cited amongst the most undesired behaviors on the internet, likely because people want to be protected from wasting their money on fraudulently reviewed products and experiences.

Trustpilot actively fights fake reviews with a dedicated compliance team and our fraud detection software, however we understand that given skepticism around technology, consumers want to do their own research. Transparent Inviting empowers our consumers to conduct their due diligence on a company and determine if their review invitation practices indicate trustworthiness.

And while we can’t single handedly change consumer distrust around the technology industry, Trustpilot aims to give the power of information back to the consumer through initiatives such as Transparent Inviting.

A starting point on Trustpilot’s journey to becoming a universal symbol of trust

We talk a lot about trust -- it's in our name and at the core of our identity. We’ve made it our mission to be a universal symbol of trust so that when you see our stars behind a business, you know they reflect authentic reviews.

But as the old adage goes, trust must be earned, and we understand that. We don’t claim to have perfected the trust formula and we know that we need to continually challenge ourselves to bring more and more transparency and trust to online reviews.

Transparent Inviting is a start, but we won’t stop here. If you have thoughts on how we can make our platform even more transparent, you can leave us a review here.


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