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Launching our first-ever Transparency Report

Thursday, February 18, 2021

I’m extremely proud to say that we’ve just launched our first-ever Transparency Report.

But why is it important?

Trustpilot has always been about bringing consumers and businesses closer together - creating a place where trust can be earned.

We pride ourselves on being a publicly open space where consumers can share their experiences at any time, without interference, and where businesses can use reviews to interact with their customers, and gain insight to improve and grow their business.

Online reviews continue to become increasingly important to consumers, but the truth is that reviews across the internet are not published or protected in the same way. It’s important that everyone understands this, in order to be able to interpret the information that they see.

As a publicly open platform, I know we do things differently and we want to show the world how we’re upholding the integrity of our platform.

If more businesses were willing to lift the lid on what they do, how they do it and and why, I have no doubt, it would provide more confidence and trust in the world.

Last year, we committed that we would do more to promote and protect trust online. Part of this work was about providing you with greater insight into how businesses are collecting, responding and reporting their reviews. The Business Transparency Pages are available on every single Company Profile Page.

Now, with our first-ever Transparency Report we’re shining the light on exactly how we manage and protect the integrity of the platform. Here’s just some of the information:

During 2020 Trustpilot:

  • Detected and curbed over 2.2 million fake or harmful reviews from nearly 39 million written
  • Issued over 1,000 formal ‘cease and desist’ letters and posted 522 public consumer warnings.
  • Terminated contracts with 122 businesses for misuse of their reviews

Being transparent is the only thing that can maintain trust in reviews and we’re happy to lead the charge.


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