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What consumers have revealed about back-to-school season in their reviews

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
What consumers have revealed about back-to-school season in their reviews

Back-to-school season may look a bit different in 2020, depending on where you live and what protocols your local government and schools have put in place. But whether you’re preparing for a learn-from-home environment or heading back to a campus or classroom it’s inevitable that you’re going to need some things to help you or your family get prepared. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, check out our back-to-school guide here.

Many reviewers have been preparing for the back-to-school season over the past months and have left informative reviews on Trustpilot about their experiences as they anticipate the upcoming year. In this article, we’re looking at reviews consumers have left about their school year preparation purchases and some of the trends we’re seeing as consumers prepare for an interesting and unique school year.

Personal protective equipment is essential this back-to-school season

Pandemic preparedness is critical for those returning to school in person and companies that are helping consumers get the equipment and essentials they need to start the season are making consumers feel comforted and safe.

Tera was appreciative of companies that are keeping good quality face protection affordable, while also receiving great customer service when there was an issue with their order.

I can't thank this company enough for…

Another consumer was happy to find comfortable and breathable masks for the whole family, especially ones that are washable and can be interchangeable between family members.

My whole family loves your masks

Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to sending loved ones back-to-school and this consumer was pleased to order bulk sanitizer with speedy delivery.

Green Mountain helped make back to school a little more safe.

Cost saving and financial planning is critical no matter what back-to-school items are needed

No matter how many people in your household are preparing for back-to-school season, it can quickly get expensive and unmanageable to buy all of the things needed for the upcoming school year. Consumers spend tons of time researching the best value purchases to make and finding ways to save money and plan financially during this time, and many have left reviews on Trustpilot revealing their discoveries.

Many of us know how expensive school books can be, which is why Caity was thrilled to find a secondhand bookseller that helped them get required reading affordably.

Best virtual bookshop!

This consumer was happy to find a company that helped them budget and manage payments for the expensive back-to-school season.

Very great company

Technology is expensive (see below) and spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a new laptop or tablet isn’t always an option. Jenn was thankful to the customer service representative at a lending company for answering all questions about borrowing funds needed for a back-to-school laptop.

Hayden is the greatest

When kids are growing, finding reasonably-priced and high-quality clothing that will endure all of the energy and activities that kids have can be tough. Many consumers left positive reviews for companies on Trustpilot that helped them tackle this problem and delivered quality back-to-school items at affordable prices.

I find it difficult to buy affordable…
My child needed a school bag quickly

Technology is an important back-to-school purchase for all ages

Whether you’re leaning in person or remote, laptops and/or tablets are considered essential for many, if not most, curriculums these days. With laptops and tables being expensive, consumers want to make sure they’re getting the best quality technology at the best price possible.

Quality is key and Martijn was happy to find a good quality laptop for their son at a reasonable price, and next day delivery was appreciated in the back-to-school season rush.

Laptop on time for school

Tablets can be great substitutes for laptops—being smaller and lighter with extensive capabilities. But making sure you find a tablet that suits your needs is critical. Justin was happy to find a tablet that he worked for school, editing office files and presentations, and streaming movies.

Great and comfortable tablet

James has now made multiple technology purchases from a marketplace consumers can buy and sell directly with one another. James was happy with both a laptop and tablet for school purchased through this business.

Multiple Purchases Very Satisfied

Deciding to purchase a high-end laptop can be intimidating and finding the right company to work with on these purchases is critical. This consumer did their research and found the best laptop at the best price for their daughter to tackle distance learning.

My daughter needed a laptop for school…

Consumers love companies that help them in their pursuit of higher education

Getting a degree or certification can be expensive and daunting and companies that are helping consumers navigate this important but oftentimes difficult pursuit are regularly thanked by students of all ages looking to return to school.

Scholarships are one of the best tools to help students financially manage high education, which is why Erika was thankful to a company that offered them advice about university, grad school and scholarships.

Personal Opinion:Takeaways

For many people, remote learning is a new experience and it can be especially scary if you are pursuing a graduate or doctoral degree. This consumer felt supported by this online doctoral program in which they were enrolled and said the professors were helpful and encouraging.

NCU Learning Experience

Trade schools are a great way for people to receive career-specific training and further their skills and employment opportunities, but the thought of going back-to-school can be daunting. One consumer found a company that offered the specific training they needed, and felt supported with tutors throughout the process.

To those considering becoming a gas

Karen decided to take an online course on History and Conservation of gardens and was so pleased with the company that provided the course and the results that it inspired them to further their education and pursue a masters in Garden and Landscape History.

Motivating learning with expert support

Review of Learning with experts

After the countless hours of hard work and effort put into education and training, very little is more gratifying than receiving your certificate or diploma. Penny found a company that could celebrate their husband’s achievement with a framed diploma. The display was so inspiring, that Penny’s husband might pursue another degree!

Wall of fame

We know that back-to-school looks a little different this year for many people and it can be overwhelming to know where to start or what companies to trust. We recommend you start with our back-to-school guide then check Trustpilot for reviews when vetting new experiences with companies. If you’ve had a revealing experience with a company during this back-to-school season, be sure to leave them a review on Trustpilot to let them know if they’ve made this time easier and stress-free, or how they can improve.

Trustpilot is a review platform that is open to all. The companies and profile pages referenced in this article are provided for informational purposes only and are not recommended, endorsed by, or representative of the views of Trustpilot. The Trustpilot companies linked in this post are expected to abide by Trustpilot’s Guidelines, but have not been reviewed for compliance.


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