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Trustpilot has over 1,000,000 ‘thank you’ reviews 🎉

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Earlier this year, we launched our ‘Thanks A Million’ campaign in response to COVID-19. We know that COVID-19 has dramatically affected the lives of people all over the globe, as well as the way most businesses are able to operate.

The initiative gives customers the opportunity to take the additional step of thanking a business after leaving a 4 or 5 star review. We ask if consumers are thanking this company for going above and beyond during the COVID-19 crisis. If the answer is yes, the consumer checks a box to confirm this and these ‘thank you’ reviews have the opportunity to be seen in a special section of the Trustpilot homepage.

On May 21st, we hit a major milestone of having one million ‘thank you’ reviews left on Trustpilot. To break that down a bit further, here are some of the quick data points that came from the first million reviews:

  • Thank you reviews were posted in more than 100 countries.
  • The top countries where consumers left reviews were Great Britain, The United States, Denmark, France and The Netherlands.
  • 68,128 individual businesses have been thanked.
  • Consumers said thank you to businesses in 311 different business categories.
  • The top five categories where consumers left reviews were courier services, garden centers, women’s clothing stores, pharmacies, and tool stores.
  • The words “above and beyond” were used in reviews 2,202 times.
  • The 👍 emoji was used in reviews 18,153 times.
  • The ❤️ emoji used in reviews 2,733 times.
  • The 👏 emoji used in reviews 1,563 times.

We also saw some heartwarming and impactful stories come out of our first million reviews.

Thanks A Million helped consumers reveal and support businesses that were making an effort to support workers on the frontlines like Chacun Son Café, ThermoSphere and RAC Breakdown Cover:

simple and convenient online ordering
Thankyou so much
Wonderful Service

People went out of their way to support small businesses and nonprofits that need extra support during this time like Women's Bean Project and Beast Gear:

Have bought products before
Beast Gear Punching

Businesses helped connect loved ones who were distanced such as LoveBook, Eflorist and Lily O'Brien's Chocolates:

I loved it and I can’t wait to give it…
The bouquet I ordered as a Thankyou…
Would definitely order again

Businesses also stepped up to help customers that were laid off as a result of COVID-19 including Copenhagen Grooming, Sezzle and Citywide Home Loans:

A great company.
Great service!
5 🌟 to Bruce and Celeste!!!

These are just a handful of the amazing stories connecting about businesses and consumers connecting during COVID-19. If you’ve had an impactful experience with a business during the pandemic, leave them a review on Trustpilot and share your meaningful experience with others consumers who are looking for business heroes during this time.

Trustpilot is a review platform that is open to all. The companies and profile pages referenced in this article are provided for informational purposes only and are not recommended, endorsed by, or representative of the views of Trustpilot. The Trustpilot companies linked in this post are expected to abide by Trustpilot’s Guidelines, but have not been reviewed for compliance.


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