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Product review photos are here

Monday, May 18, 2020
Product review photos are here

At Trustpilot, we know reviews matter and we are always looking for ways to improve communications between business and consumers.

In a recent study conducted by Trustpilot, 26% of users say reviews that have accompanying pictures taken by others were one of the strongest factors to prompt purchase.

With this in mind, we’ve launched product review photos which allow reviewers to enrich their review of a businesses’ product by sharing up to three photos with their review.

Below, we have outlined some best practices when leaving photo reviews so you can make the most out of sharing your product experience on Trustpilot and help other consumers be more confident in their buying decisions.

Share multiple photos

When sharing photos, it’s hard to comprehend the quality of a product through one photo. You can leave up to three photos with your review, so make sure you share photos that reflect the most important aspects of the product.

Your photos should reflect any specifics of the product mentioned in your review such as size, color, material quality, packaging, assembly details, or defects.

Multiple photos allow you to comprehensively describe your experience with a product, and help other people make fully informed decisions about the product.

Pro tip: if you want to show the size of a product, place it next to a common household item in the photo so other reviewers understand the scale.

Make sure images are visible and clear

Images can often be a first impression of a product for anyone reading a review, so images that are blurry, dark, or overexposed can sometimes do more harm than good.

It’s best to take product photos in a well-lit place, using a neutral background color with limited patterns or prints. The fewer distractions in your photo, the more clear the product will be.

If you are using a photo to flag a defect or quality issue, share a clear, close up photo of the problem so other consumers and the business can clearly see what you are describing.

Photos are most representative when they are posted without editing. So as inclined as you may be to whip out your Photoshop skills, avoid adding a filter, text, or graphics to the image so that the product photo remains genuine and representative of the actual product.

Be mindful of your surroundings

Photo reviews are public and will be displayed on a businesses’ company profile page on Trustpilot. And since we’re a Google Review Partner for product reviews, photos are automatically connected and shown on Google Shopping pages.

Before you post your photo, make sure the background and surroundings are clear and that you don’t inadvertently share something private.

This can include contact or location information, children or family members, or anything in your location that you’d rather keep to yourself.

Images must meet our compliance standards

We know photos are a great way for reviewers to share their experience and feedback on a product. To maintain the integrity of our platform, all photos must abide by our user guidelines.

If a product review photo meets one or more of the following criteria, it will be flagged and removed by our compliance team.

  • It’s harmful or illegal, which includes but is not limited to hate speech or discrimination, terrorism, violence, obscenity, defamation, nudity, and pornography.
  • It includes personal information, such as names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and anything else that could be used to identify someone.
  • It’s advertising or promotional, that includes a promotional code, a call to action, or advertises for another business or an unrelated product.

If product review photos meet our compliance criteria and are based on an authentic experience with a business, even if critical, they will not be removed.

You can read our support article on flagging product reviews here.

Using photos when you leave a review of a product on Trustpilot is a great way to make your reviews more robust and representative of your experience, and to share your feedback with other reviewers and businesses so we can continue to upgrade the world.


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