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How we use your reviews about Trustpilot to make our platform better

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
How we use your reviews about Trustpilot to make our platform better

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re well aware that writing a review on Trustpilot is one of the best ways to share your experiences with different brands and be heard by the businesses that shape our world. But have you ever wondered if Trustpilot is listening to your feedback and learning from your reviews about the platform? Well, you can rest assured — we’re listening closely.

In this article we’ll unpack how feedback from reviewers like you influenced an upcoming improvement to our platform. We’re talking about our promise to keep flagged reviews online.

The ethos of Trustpilot

First, let’s not forget that the Trustpilot platform was first built in 2007 to bring consumers and companies together to continuously share, collaborate, and improve. The power of Trustpilot comes from being transparent and open to all consumers and companies — yet independent of both.

Trustpilot Mission

We understand that it’s one thing for us to tell you that we’re a neutral third party that walks the talk of its core values, and quite another to show you. So we thought we’d share exactly how your review feedback called our attention to a platform feature that inadvertently compromised our trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers — and inspired us to change for the better.

Facing the music: reviews are the writing on the wall

Trustpilot is home to nearly 100 million reviews about more than 430,000 websites. That’s a whole lot of feedback from consumers around the world, and someone has to make sure that Trustpilot’s review community is following our guidelines.

Enter: Trustpilot’s Content Integrity Team. One of the hottest topics this team deals with is flagged reviews.

Today, if a business flags a review on Trustpilot, it’s temporarily pulled down while the Content Integrity Team investigates whether the review violates our guidelines.

If the review was flagged incorrectly, it goes back online as soon as possible. If the review is in violation of our guidelines, the Content Integrity Team works with the reviewer to verify it or bring it in line with our standards so it can be re-published.

But the reality is that with so many reviews written on Trustpilot, our Content Integrity team faces tens of thousands of investigations each month, and each one of those investigations takes time.

In the last 6 months, nearly 200 consumers reviewed us, the Trustpilot platform, to express frustration about their flagged reviews being hidden — and that’s something we couldn’t ignore.

Turning your feedback into a better review platform for everyone

At Trustpilot, we’re all human — and we can always do better. There’s so much we can learn from the people who use our platform, so we’re always monitoring our reviews for the kind of feedback that will help us build a better review experience for everyone. When we notice a common thread in your review sentiments, we take it seriously.

Reviews you can trust

And while some members of our review community were understanding of our thorough investigation process, many others pointed out that our approach was actually diminishing their trust in our platform.

Trusting Trustpilot!

When reviewers like you point out a way for us to improve, we pay attention, and we do our best to make a meaningful change. Thanks to your feedback, we came to understand why consumers feel frustrated when their reviews are temporarily moved offline — and that’s why we will no longer hide flagged reviews during the investigation process, a change consumers will see by the end of the year.

When this change is made, a review will only be immediately hidden if it’s reported as harmful or illegal.

Your shared experiences showed us that keeping reviews visible while they’re under investigation is paramount to safeguarding the trustworthiness of our platform, so we’re making it a priority. This is just one of the changes consumers will see by the end of this year.

Let’s continue the conversation

As you might have read in our CEO’s Trust Promise, there’s a number of new transparency initiatives in the works to ensure that consumers can trust each and every review they read on Trustpilot. But there’s always more we can do — and we know that our global review community is uniquely qualified to weigh in on how we can be better.

So, we want to sincerely thank you for the generosity of your feedback thus far, and issue a call to action to keep telling us what we can do to maintain your trust in our review platform.

Ready to share your ideas? You’ll be heard on Trustpilot. Let us know what you’re thinking by leaving us a review.


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