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How businesses on Trustpilot are helping consumers during COVID-19

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
How businesses on Trustpilot are helping consumers during COVID-19

In the past month, businesses have been forced to completely reevaluate their customer service strategies. As consumers look to businesses to fulfill new needs, businesses need to be able to provide their customers with up-to-date information about how their business is being impacted by COVID-19 and how consumers may see the effects of these impacts.

While some businesses have struggled to adapt, many have gone above and beyond in ensuring that their customers are prioritized during this uncertain time. Our Thanks A Million campaign has been unveiling business heroes across various industries. We decided to ask some of the companies with standout reviews relating to COVID-19 to tell us more about how they've adapted and how they are putting consumers first during this uncertain time.

COVID-19 has put a massive amount of financial strain on many individuals and households. Unexpected layoffs and mounting unplanned expenses are creating an urgent need for instant liquidity. Many have been looking for ways to manage mounting bills and Sezzle, a buy now pay later solution for consumers, has identified this and quickly responded by working with customers to manage their payments resulting in tons of positive reviews like the below:

Great service!

Sezzle allows online shoppers to make 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks when they make a purchase through an e-commerce partner.

We asked Sezzle how they’ve adapted their customer service strategy amidst COVID-19. Elisa Carlson, Consumer Marketing Manager for Sezzle stated that “We are lucky to have a strong support team that's well equipped to work on issues from home. We have been identifying COVID-19 impacted customers with a few queries on our support tickets and prioritizing those concerns. We understand that sudden job loss or change in ability to pay can take some time to recover from or find alternative sources of income. We've been reviewing each of these circumstances and matching the situation to our best company policies for deferred payment or waived fees. We've also updated our response language to align with helping shoppers make good financial decisions as we do our best to empower them.”


Carlson also stated that while they prefer customers use their support webform or email, they are monitoring social media and online channels closely for questions or concerns from consumers. These channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Trustpilot, with their customer service team constantly monitoring incoming Trustpilot reviews.

“Reviews are such an impactful way to have your voice heard and to resolve issues quickly. We very much value customer feedback and hope that we can turn negatives into positives, especially during this unprecedented time.”

With the grocery store access suddenly limited and grocery delivery wait times being days or even weeks long, consumers have looked for alternatives to making sure they can get dinner on the table every night. Many have turned to recipe box services like Gousto.

Gousto delivers fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards directly to the doors of consumers, and in sustainable packaging! Since the beginning of COVID-19, they’ve received many five-star reviews on Trustpilot, with consumers praising them for a superior product and excellent customer service.

Thank you

When asked about how they found their service more relevant during this time, Gousto's Brand Director, Anna Greene stated “We’re minimising the need for vulnerable people to put themselves at risk by leaving the house while also delivering some dinner time inspiration.”

Gousto also shared how they’ve been adapting to increased demand during COVID-19 and finding innovative ways to service more customers and how they’re prioritizing vulnerable consumers and those on the front lines.

Gousto licious!

“We’ve leveraged our tech capabilities to create a new, lightweight Chosen by Gousto service that allows us to deliver to over 5,000 more homes every week. We’re delivering around 1 million meals to UK households every week and working hard to expand that further in the coming weeks, prioritising delivery to National Health Service workers, the most vulnerable, and those that rely on Gousto the most,” said Greene.

While the Gousto team works endlessly to provide meals to people as safely and quickly as possible, their team is monitoring their Trustpilot reviews and sharing the positive feedback with their team.

Hearing the positive impact that Gousto is having at such a challenging time is really uplifting for the whole team, who are working day and night to get more boxes out to those in need. We also make sure that our Customer Care team reads and responds to all our reviews. It's been a great forum to be able to explain to customers how we are handling the situation and why we've had to take certain measures. “

Shortages of staple items have been an ongoing issue since the beginning of COVID-19 and one item that has been unexpectedly difficult to find is specialty pet food. With many people preparing not to leave their home for weeks, or even months, pet food was one of the first things to leave the shelves as people prepared to protect their pooches.

Enter K9Cuisine, which offers premium, natural, organic, and holistic dog & cat food, treats, and supplies, with free shipping on most orders. With many grocery stores sold out of pet supplies, K9Cuisine has helped new and existing customers get their pet essentials. As a result, their Trustpilot profile page has seen a significant amount of reviews from customers thanking them for their availability and prompt service during COVID-19.

I live up in the mountains in Colorado…

Jeff Dinslage, President of K9Cuisine, talked to us about how they were prepared to serve their customers during this time to make sure all of their customers (plus their customers’ canines and felines) are taken care of during this time. “K9 Cuisine has added fulfillment staff and extended our customer service hours. We have a Customer Service Manager who will do whatever she can within her power to make sure our customers are taken care of. There have been some 16-hour plus days. We are happy to be there to serve our customers, answering questions, rerouting orders or whatever we can do to make sure their furry kids are going to have their food of choice. Our fulfillment lines are open 7 days a week. We have added team members who are proud to be assisting our customers.”

I just placed an order

Dinslage told us that using Trustpilot reviews are an important part of their customer service strategy as well. “If we've let a customer down we want to try and fix the issue. Sometimes people would rather leave a negative review and not inform us that there was a problem. We're extremely proud of all the positive reviews. But, it's the negative reviews we pay attention to. Thankfully, our team keeps them to a minimum.”

An industry that has seen increased demand is the at-home fitness space. With gyms and fitness studios closed, the need to stay fit during COVID-19 has left many people looking for workout equipment they can use in their homes. Trustpilot customer BOSU® sells innovative fitness products that include balance trainers and home gym starter kits.

thank you bosu!

Since the start of stay at home orders, BOSU®’s Trustpilot page has been flooded with customers thanking them for helping with the transition from gym-to-home workouts and thanking them for prompt delivery to help get fitness back on track as quickly as possible.

Zach Motter, Marketing Manager for BOSU® stated that “With most gyms across the nation closing temporarily due to COVID-19 many consumers are looking to build their own home gym, BOSU® Balance Trainers are a staple in most gyms. People want to bring their favorite from the gym to their home.”

With the latest self isolation

What really caught our attention is the occasional negative review with comments about slowed delivery speeds or a mistaken order, to which BOSU®’s immediately followed up with information on how to get in touch with their customer service team. We know that businesses using Trustpilot to immediately address consumer concerns are putting their customers at the heart of their business. When asked about how else BOSU® is communicating with customers during this time, Motter stated that “We make customers aware on the checkout page that orders could be delayed, we also removed the standard shipping time estimates, as these are not standard times we’re living in.”

And even with excellent customer service, it’s a scary time for consumers to make new purchases which is why BOSU® knows there is reassurance in reviews. “Users see our Trustpilot score and reviews and can at least have a sense of relief they’re making a great investment with a great company. With the current environment we’re all looking for relief anywhere we can find it.”

We know that there are many more businesses that have gone above and beyond during COVID-19 and more than ever, it’s important to thank those businesses that are helping consumers navigate these complicated and overwhelming times. You let business know how they can help consumers during this time, or thank them for doing a superior job by leaving a review on Trustpilot.

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