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The 5-star virtual experiences consumers have reviewed

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
The 5-star virtual experiences consumers have reviewed

As the world continues to open more in-person experiences as the pandemic evolves, we may see a decline in some of virtual experiences that have got many of us through the last few months. However, over those months, consumers have left informative reviews on Trustpilot detailing the many, and sometimes unexpected, virtual experiences they’ve had in the midst of social distancing. In this article we’re looking at the 5-star virtual experiences consumers had over the past months as evidenced by their reviews on Trustpilot.

Socializing and Attending Events Remotely

One of the most difficult parts of social distancing for many people has been the “social” part. Being separated from friends and family and unable to participate in normal social events has been a difficult adjustment for some. Many companies have been able to deliver social experiences and events to those who are distancing and consumers are sharing their 4 and 5-star experiences on Trustpilot. Below are some of the companies that have delivered these experiences virtually and received positive feedback from consumers.

Twinwoods Adventure has received 5-star reviews for their virtual escape room, allowing groups of up to six one hour to solve a mystery through a series of puzzles and clues.

Review of Twinwoods Adventure

For those looking for someone to share the loneliness of quarantine with, DateinaDash has been offering virtual speed dating sessions. One reviewer said it was “a fast paced and fun night” and another deemed it a great way to date in strange times.

Review of DateinaDash
Review of DateinaDash 2

Many people are still waiting for the day when they can visit breweries or distilleries again, and enjoy tasting craft beverages. Eden Mill is trying to make the wait more bearable by offering virtual gin tastings, which one consumer said was just as good as some in-person tastings they had participated in.

Review of Eden Mill

For beer lovers, Beer52 hosted a virtual beer festival that earned them 5-star reviews from consumers.

Review of Beer52

Kids have been forced to miss many important milestones during COVID-19, including graduations, parties, and birthdays. Companies like RemoteFun are receiving positive reviews from parents who were able to host virtual birthday events and celebrate at home.

Review of Remotefun

And for those who are missing travel (most people, we assume!), turning on your computer to attend a virtual experience is the new boarding a plane. Companies like Ultimately Sydney have been offering remote tours of cities and cultural experiences, and consumers are leaving them reviews

Review of Ultimately Sydney
Review of Ultimately Sydney 2

Staying Healthy, Virtually

Social distancing means that some people have had limited access to gyms, health clubs, and even doctors and pharmacies. Companies that can deliver these services virtually have been critical in helping keep those at home healthy and happy and many consumers have left reviews for these outstanding wellness experiences on Trustpilot.

Before COVID-19, group classes and boutique fitness training were an extremely popular way to stay fit. Gyms like Fitfam Studios and Bootcamp UK are helping consumers keep up their workout habits by offering virtual classes that have positive reviews on Trustpilot.

Review of Fitfam Studios
Review of Bootcamp UK

Taking care of mind and body is an important part of maintaining your health and MoveGB offers virtual mindful yoga classes that one reviewer found a great way to help maintain an at home wellness routine.

Review of MoveGB

One consumer found that they could complete their yoga teacher training through YOGABODY® virtually and praised the remote wellness education experience.

Review of YOGABODY®

If golfing is your preferred sport, you may have had difficulty getting to golfing greens or connecting with golf instructors due to local social distancing orders. Consumers have claimed that virtual sessions with Dr. Golf has been “great as they are designed and structured specifically for golfers” and have helped improve their game remotely.

Review of

And finally, even though many consumers have been taking care of their health amid social distancing, illness does occur. Many patients looking for non-COVID-19 medical treatment have found relief in virtual doctor visits provided by companies like MDLIVE.

Review of MDLIVE

Virtual Shopping and eCommerce

As economies around the world begin to bounce back and people resume shopping habits, many have embraced the simplicity that comes with shopping online. Consumers are leaving reviews for companies that traditionally require an in-store experience, but have offered virtual customer service or consultation they consumers make shopping decisions remotely.

Many have found that spending more time at homes means investing in renovation or redecorating. Companies like Hammonds Furniture and Optiplan Kitchens have offered remote design consultations to help consumers make those important decisions about changes they’re making in their homes.

Review of Hammonds Furniture
Review of Optiplan Kitchens

With renovation and redecoration also comes much needed closet cleanouts. One consumer was happy to get virtual help from a consignment specialist at The RealReal and make some extra money selling luxury items in their closet.

Review of Carvana

Making an investment in valuables like art and jewelry can be anxiety-inducing even when you get to see the items in person. Purchasing these items remotely adds an entirely new element of stress. Artmarket arranged a virtual viewing for a consumer resulting in a 5-star purchase experience that the consumer shared with the Trustpilot community.

Review of Artmarket

And whether buying jewelry for yourself or someone else, it can be overwhelming to buy such an expensive item without being present to see the jewelry in person. Jewelers like Fenton and Banks Lyon Jewellers provided consumers with a memorable and positive virtual buying experience.

Review of Fenton
Review of Banks Lyon Jewellers

Even as we begin to return to something that resembles normal, we may still see a preference for virtual events and experiences that keep people distanced but connected. If you’ve had a virtual experience with a company and want to let them know your thoughts, as well as share your experience with other consumers, be sure to leave a review on Trustpilot.

Trustpilot is a review platform that is open to all. The companies and profile pages referenced in this article are provided for informational purposes only and are not recommended, endorsed by, or representative of the views of Trustpilot. The Trustpilot companies linked in this post are expected to abide by Trustpilot’s Guidelines, but have not been reviewed for compliance.


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