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Purchases consumers have made and reviewed in preparation for autumn

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Purchases consumers have made and reviewed in preparation for autumn

Believe it or not, this year is approaching its end and much of the world is moving into the new season and preparing for colder temperatures and changing weather. With the new season come many festive holidays to celebrate, new wardrobes to unpack and expand, exciting activities we want to prepare for.

Many consumers have already been making purchases in preparation for the new season and are sharing their feedback through their reviews on Trustpilot. We’ve rounded up some of the top categories in which consumers are making seasonal purchases, and are sharing some of the items that they have purchased for the autumn.

Outdoor home and garden supplies to prepare for changing weather

Leaves falling, temperatures dropping, and vegetables ripening are all signs that the new season has arrived. But with this comes needed maintenance of home and outdoors spaces, and consumers have shared the purchases that are helping them prepare for these changes.

Changing weather means falling leaves that clogged gutters and drainage systems. To combat this, Jack purchased a LeafFilter to protect their gutters from the large oak tree that has a tendency to make a mess. Jack was also happy with the quick installation.

Review of LeafFilter Gutter Protection

Leaves can also make backyards a huge mess. Herb and Melanie purchased a Cyclone Rake ahead of the season to handle the tons of leaves soon to fall to the ground.

Review of Cyclone Rake

Autumn is the harvesting and planting season for many gardeners, which is why Margaret purchased a long handled bulb planter from The Tool Shed to prepare for bulb planting season.

Review of My Tool Shed

Many are preparing to harvest their vegetables that they planted earlier this year. Christine ordered autumn cropping potatoes (and even a few extra for friends) from YouGarden, and reviewed the purchase back in July. No doubt Christine is looking forward to harvesting these potatoes this autumn.

Review of YouGarden

Festive seasonal apparel and accessories

Cooler weather, festive events and holidays, and even early snow are just a few of the activities many of us will see over the coming weeks. Consumers have been preparing for these changes by making apparel and accessory purchases that fit the new season.

Many of us spend more time outdoors in the autumn. For example, Dale purchased seasonal apparel that protects from the wind in the autumn and spring from the outdoor store SA Company.

Review of SA Company

Some consumers love celebrating the change in season by wearing rich colors that represent the season. Angelique purchased a dress from Hope Fashion with autumn colors and also loved the environmentally friendly packagIng the dress arrived in.

Review of Hope Fashion

Elizabeth also loved their purchase of tights in seasonal colors from Snag Tights, and said the pair in “cornel mustard” was their favorite.

Review of Snag Tights

Whether you're spending time in the garden or walking the dog in the rain, quality boots are a must for colder and wetter seasons. Susanah purchased a pair of Nebula Hunter Boots and is looking forward to having them for the autumn and winter.

Review of Hunter Boots

Indoor and home decor for autumn aesthetics

Much in the way that we engage in “spring cleaning”, autumn is a time where many consumers opt for darker color palettes, richer textures and scents, and cozier decor inside their homes. Consumers have shared reviews that reveal what their favorite seasonal interior purchases have been.

Autumn is the time to start getting cozy and comfortable inside your home, which is why April left a 5-star review of her comfortable quilt purchase from Kogan.

Review of Kogan

Many are getting ready for hosting guests during the holiday season and preparing festive meals. Sheryl is preparing for these festivities by decorating their home with an autumn linen tablecloth from Collections Etc.

Review of Collections Etc.

Pumpkins and foliage make for ideal autumn accents when decorating indoor spaces for the season. One consumer purchased a tuscan leaf wreath and rustic heirloom pumpkin set from Balsam Hill to complete their autumn decor plan.

Review of Balsam Hill

Autumn is the season of rich spices and crisp air, which is why many look to enrich their indoor spaces with scented candles and wax burners. Kim purchased and loved an autumn scented soy wax melt from Glam Wax.

Review of Glam Wax

While some favor foliage and harvest decor, others are preparing haunted houses and ghostly scenes for Halloween. Coco purchased blacklights from OogaLights to get the perfect spooky aesthetic.

Review of OogaLights

Autumnal activities and hobbies

Whether you prefer to stay warm indoors and find hobbies that let you enjoy the season at home, or find activities that let you enjoy the season’s outdoor colors and cooler temperatures, consumers are preparing to enjoy the season with activity and hobby purchases.

Puzzles were a breakout hit during stay at home orders, with many puzzle suppliers selling out earlier in the year. However, many consumers like James are sticking with their puzzle hobbies despite a temporary shortage. James is looking forward to buying more puzzles from White Mountain Puzzle for the autumn season.

Review of White Mountain Puzzles

There are many beautiful cycling paths that consumers will explore when the weather starts to cool and the colors change. Gillian purchased a high visibility jacket from 99 Bikes to ensure that motorists and other cyclists see her even when the sun sets earlier.

Review of 99 Bikes

And finally, Rebecca wanted to share the joy of the season with their son and purchased an Autumn Scavenger hunt box from The Little Sensory Box, and has already enjoyed some of the items that were received.

Review of The Little Sensory Box

We know there are many more categories in which consumers have made purchases for autumn, and that there are many businesses helping consumers get ready for the new season and all of the festivities that are soon to come. If you’ve made an autumn preparation purchase, leave the business or product a review on Trustpilot and let consumers and businesses know about your experience.

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