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Delivery companies helping consumers around the world

Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Delivery companies helping consumers around the world

Before the beginning of COVID-19, many delivery services were seen simply as a way to ease the burden when life got busy. But when stores began limiting customers and stay-at-home orders were announced after the rapid emergence of COVID-19 as a global health crisis, delivery companies became a critical way for people around the world to receive necessary items.

During our Thanks A Million campaign, Trustpilot received thousands of thank you reviews for companies providing delivery services during this critical time. In fact, courier services were the most thanked business category, receiving over 130,000 thank you reviews.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable things we discovered was the global scale of delivery businesses that were reviewed during this time. We are taking a look at some of the delivery businesses around the world that have supported consumers during COVID-19 and the reviews that consumers left after their experience.

Courier and delivery companies had packages delivered safely and on-time

When many non-essential stores closed at the beginning of the pandemic, consumers had no choice but to shop online or find companies that could handle delivery logistics. Many of these companies rose to the challenge and consumers shared their experience on Trustpilot so others would know which courier and delivery services to trust in uncertain times.

Rock Solid Deliveries, a same day courier in the UK, helped get surgical gloves delivered from York to London, to one of the biggest food suppliers in the UK.

Rock Solid Deliveries UK

Paack, a delivery company servicing France, Spain, UK and Portugal, had expedient service and brought some consumers comfort with their COVID-19 safety guarantees.

Paack 2

In Denmark, PostNord, a delivery and freighting company, had consumers feeling comfortable with delivery protocol and extra safety measures taken.

PostNord 2

Grocery delivery companies gave consumers a safe way to shop without leaving home

Grocery delivery companies were immediately put in the spotlight when stay-at-home orders were issued globally. There were reports of weeks-long delivery wait times as many delivery companies struggled to meet demand. However, this was also an opportunity for some grocery delivery companies to shine and leave happy consumers around the globe leaving positive reviews.

Direttoo in Italy allowed consumers to get essential groceries quickly and on-time, and some consumers claimed they had a larger selection than in some stores. Adelaide was especially appreciative of the excellent quality meat and fish selection.

Direttoo 2

In the US, Grabacart offered grocery delivery through a website that was easy to use with quick delivery. A few consumers raved about their customer service, and commended their ability to be flexible and make last minute changes.

Grabacart 2

Many Australian consumers found Lakbima a great way to get specialty Sri Lankan groceries during COVID-19. Consumers praised their accurate and prompt delivery.


In Germany, yamo helped parents get fresh baby food with no sugar or preservatives. According to reviews, consumers can rely on fresh and yummy food for their tots, and on-time delivery.


Meal kit delivery offered an activity that feeds the family and limits grocery trips

Meal kits have been around for a while, but with a desire for many to learn new skills and less time spent at restaurants, meal delivery kits have taken on new importance for many people. With all of the ingredients delivered fresh and step-by-step instructions, meal delivery kits offered a new hobby and new way to cook and eat for people around the world.

Familiemåltider allowed Danish families to limit trips to the grocery store while providing meals that are easy to prepare, and even allowed children to be included in the preparation.


Many Canadians ordered meal delivery kits from Goodfood which puts an emphasis on using local producers and healthy ingredients. Reviewer Cristiana claims the recipes are “delicious, exotic and healthy” and simple enough for their non-cooking husband to get involved.


In the US, consumers have loved EveryPlate, as evidenced by their reviews. Erin claimed that the peace of mind knowing that EveryPlate would take care of everything brought peace of mind, and Johna claims the food is high quality and tastes great.

EveryPlate 2

While the world returns to normal, we expect many consumers will continue to use delivery companies and will likely and remain loyal to companies that brought them peace of mind during the height of the pandemic. If you’ve had a recent experience with a delivery company, leave them a review on Trustpilot to let other consumers know what to expect and to let the company know what your experience was like.

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