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Antonius Loana P
TrustScore: 5
“good website”
Eileen Firmin Coleman
TrustScore: 1
“I told the cashier I was here to get Tinker bell she said she isn’t ready. I asked about the cameras when I went in and asked if I could see where they kept her...”
AndersonNelson Deena
TrustScore: 1
“Liars!! Cheats! This company does not care about a Global Pandemic! If you get behind they will lie to you say it’s ok. The supervisor says we will get you back...”
John Hsieh
TrustScore: 5
Adam Winstead Tamasi
TrustScore: 5
“arrived, all good:)”
Jan Clucas
TrustScore: 5
“It is my pleasure to provide a review of services for Slater and Gordon. I have recently claimed compensation through Slater and Gordon and found them to be ...”
Katherine Thompson
TrustScore: 1
“I ordered two of the basket carts and they sent me some phone chargers they're out there ripping ppl off knowing damn well they're not going to send you what yo...”
Kyrie Eleison Depra Singson
TrustScore: 5
“Sick services teheee!”
Joanne Vieritz Milligan
TrustScore: 5
“Great just what I wanted”
David Geard
TrustScore: 1
“I ordered a device and was told via email that it would ship in 10 days. I found this strange. I waited 10 days and the item was not sent. I contacted them and ...”
Kimberly Peters
TrustScore: 1
“Shipt is an extremely close-minded discriminatory company. I currently work for several companies, both of which background checked and approved me. The fact t...”
Kathryn Chua
TrustScore: 4
“Its good, investment is low.”
Jaime Lower
TrustScore: 5
“Something to be hopeful for..”
Niccole Rogers
TrustScore: 2
“The app by itself is fine. The mandatory push notifications about financial education and features are what make me dislike Greenlight. I want to be in control ...”
Mike Bengal
TrustScore: 5
“Be patient, everything will be okay. Majesty hash is the best there is, server maintenance happens, some trolls are taking advantage of the situation to stop ma...”
Mary Ortiz
TrustScore: 5
“Love this app and all contents”
Nick Carol
TrustScore: 5
“Great service and quality product”
Elizabeth Z Saltz
TrustScore: 5
“Very easy to navigate interface with lots of safeguards in place to block unwanted respondents. The myriad of options and sweet icons make it extremely flexible...”
Red Tester
TrustScore: 1
“Love this company but AdGuard DNS is a scam be very careful using it...many people also report that the DNS doesn't work. same reported on their own forums, som...”
Grant Mccall
TrustScore: 5
“Simple to use and hope to win shortly”
Amit Kumar
TrustScore: 5
“Awesome, nice to know a lot about myself”
Simon Haggard
TrustScore: 5
“A unique Adventure Experience to areas that you may not normally go and get to explore and have fun along the way. We enjoyed our AmazingCo adventure at Mt Tamb...”
lisa eirth
TrustScore: 5
“We were using The Animal Pharmacy at first but after what seemed like an overly complicated procedure that left my pet without meds we found Discount Pet Meds a...”
Wil Jones
TrustScore: 5
“Quick and fast, problem resolved efficiently.”
TrustScore: 5
“Great products. Get great deals and rewards!”
Azehl YT
TrustScore: 5
“Was skeptical at first but man was i wrong. fast, easy and trustworthy. no site does it better. NOT TO MENTION THE INSANELY CHEAP PRICES. i got 3 mill gil for $...”
Skyla-Lee Kurspe Dutka
TrustScore: 5
“Been with Idmobile few years now and never had a problem put in for my upgrade yesterday should receive my new phone today I’ve never lost signal since being wi...”
Charles David L. Banaag
TrustScore: 3
“It's alr8 and a very good page to have giveaways”
TrustScore: 5
“What a wonderful experience made it fast andeasy”
Juan carlos Chiguay nain
TrustScore: 5
“Wow M happy and excited with the company. Whom said it's scam I see you never want my progress that's why you wanted to convince me. Plan 3 invested was sucesfu...”
Aaron Ramos
TrustScore: 1
“Boingo is the most unreliable thing I have ever seen. Costumer service is absolutely generic, prices are well overpriced for what you actually get. Do not get i...”
Judy Theron
TrustScore: 5
“Bought plenty from Lightinthe box and always happy”
Linda Jane Sandford
TrustScore: 4
“Excellent service, great personal attention, thanks.”
TrustScore: 4
TrustScore: 5
“Everything is great. I asked to speed up the order, they brought it even earlier than I had hoped. For many products, the price is lower than in similar stores....”
Victoria Smith
TrustScore: 5
“Delivered on time and easy to order. reference "9258562"”
Christopher Krenzer
TrustScore: 1
“Can not view my results stupid app won't take the tube code”
TrustScore: 5
“Terrific products. I wanted something light but not sticky. The products are well worth trying. The customer support is A+ and the shipping very fast. Nothing n...”
Cheryl Bordner
TrustScore: 5
“My son told me about this product . I have arthritis pain in my foot and it has helped me so much. Its amazing! I can sleep through the night without the sta...”
Gary Shaw
TrustScore: 5
“Great options on your exclusives that we can’t find here locally”
Kimberly Creel
TrustScore: 5
“Everything was packaged well and shipped quickly. Highly recommend!”
Mark King
TrustScore: 5
“See tickets had a much better range of tickets available than some of the other ticketing agencies. The booking process was straightforward and took no time wha...”
TrustScore: 5
“My wife absolutely love 💘 this dress it fits great, she usually wear a size 2x in tops and sized up to a size 3x to ensure she'd have more room in the chest ar...”
Adam C French
TrustScore: 5
“Brilliant mirrors, hit them so many times just push them back and your good to go!”
Diamond Williams
TrustScore: 5
“I received amazing help from my agent she listened and got back to me in a good amount of time”
Bec Murphy
TrustScore: 5
“I am new to using Rytr and I have to say that it is an absolute game changer! Now I've discovered its many wonderful uses I don't think Ill be able to go back!”
Data Void
TrustScore: 5
“By far the best ad network I have ever worked with. Providing really great ads with easy to use interface and awesome customer care service.”
Amador Endrina Peden
TrustScore: 5
“My daughter loves them!They were delivered way sooner than expected which was a great surprise!”
Llanwyn James
TrustScore: 5
“Easy to follow recipes in the quickest time possible. We're enjoying a good, tasty range of meals with choices to suit our tastes.”
Antony Allan
TrustScore: 5
“I ordered a duffle bag and it arrived as promised - great service through DHL to for delivery in Melbourne less than a week later”

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